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Introducing the WiFi 6E Series

Introducing the WiFi 6E Series

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You can find the complete article on Wireless Adapter Compatibility on our support site.

Every wireless network card has specific compatibility requirements. See our below guide on eligibility, upgrade paths, and more. Note: this is not a catch-all and not 100% guaranteed. For the most accurate information, consult with your computer's manual and/or manufacturer.

Important Compatibility Notes:

  • Compatibility is generally dependent on your system’s
    • 1) Processor/CPU
    • 2) M.2 interface (to include if your system requires CNVio)
    • 3) Operating System version
Validate your new model is compatible by using the compatibility chart below.
  • Important: CNVio version 1 (i.e., AC-9461, AC-9462, AC-9560) is NOT compatible with CNVio2 (i.e., AX201, AX211, AX411).
CNVio2 is NOT backwards compatible with CNVio (version 1).
  • The AC-9560 has NO upgrade path. Do NOT try upgrading or replacing with the AX201, AX211, or AX411. It will not work and will cause system failure.
  • Installing the wrong CNVio version card generally causes system boot failure.
  • Systems that require CNVio (or CNVio2) generally will not work with the PCIe/NGFF (non-CNVio) modules installed (i.e., AC-9260, AX200, AX210).
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